Monday, January 22, 2007

Home Based Business Opportunity

A GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in which u can earn thousands of US$ a week with ur contacts and smart work.

I write this article because I have something really exciting to tell you! I'm going to share with you the most important information that you will ever received and I hope that the message here can make a difference in your life later.

You probably have your pay cheques, some stocks or other investments, and may be a little side-job that brings you a little extra money each month. While all that is a start, what you're really looking for is 'businesses'. I am talking about businesses that once up and running, run themselves. You don't have to do anything, but collect the money.


Does it sound intriguing?
Let me tell you how this works, and most importantly why it works. Please read this carefully to find out how to get started. I'm not really really exaggerating too much here, you've heard all the 'get rich now' claims and you're sick of seeing them! This is NOT a GET RICH QUICK business, but YES it is a GET RICH SURE business for all money seekers. The passive income offered by the company is $400-$50000/month.(What is the money that you are ready to invest to earn $50000/ a month, your feed back is appreciated). It sounds too good to be true when I first look at the numbers, but I can't choose not to believe because I have witnessed that this is already happening to many people if you follow the simple instructions below faithfully. DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU WILL NEVER BE BY YOURSELF BECAUSE I HAVE A VERY STRONG INTEREST TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PROGRAM WORKS FOR YOU.

For those of you who are curious and interested to try, this is how you can get started:

1. Visit or
Welcome to Quest International! QI is an eight-year-old company whose core business is retailing of numismatic products (coins and medallions, jewellery, watches), vacation packages, telecommunication products, lifestyle etc. They have their corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, and are operational in 220 countries worldwide.

2. Place an order for any one of the products offered online. You buy the products once and you will get the lifetime licence free of charge which you can even pass it down to any of your family members. The licence enables the company to recognize you as a valued customer and endorse you the right to start the business. You will not lose your licence even though you have sold the products at or other places. As long as you have the licence, you will be able to receive bonuses/cheques from the company. ONE TIME CASH OUT, LIFETIME CASH IN.

3. After you become a customer of this company, you will be able to introduce the business to at least 2 friends or more if you like (one on your left, one on your right). Think about it! In your whole life, are there 2 persons whom you can trust? For sure, there is. We are not required to introduce to as many people as possible unless we really want to. It's not demanding right?

4. Tell the referrals below you to do the same.

5. Keep in touch with the referrals below you through email so as to work together as a powerful team. You can check out the names of the referrals below you by accessing the genealogy section of the website using your TCO# and password.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to send me an email to Once you have completed all these steps, you are officially part of a global business that enables you and your heirs a lifetime of residual income. You can carry out the business anywhere, even when you go outside your home country, as long as there are internets and banks.

The commission is $40/transaction. You will always get yourself $40 for every transaction that takes place below you whether you refer directly to A and B or indirectly by A and B to C, D, E, and F. You will get our first cheques of $250 whenever there are 3 on the left and 3 on the right. You can get this done whenever you wish, so you decide how far and how fast you want to go.

Unlike multilevel marketing:

’ We are not distributors, we are customers instead.

’ We are not selling, we are just making reference. What does reference means? For example, after watching the latest movie at the cinema and you feel satisfied, will you reference it to your friends? It is for sure that you will tell your friends to watch the same movie too. You're happy to share a good experience that you've seen, heard, or read even though you're not paid. Likewise, I am telling you here now that if you really want to earn a big amount of money flowing into your account, this is the right company.

’ The commission does not get lesser as the level gets further away. It's the same for all levels, $40/transaction.

Unlike pyramiding system:

’ We are not constricted to forced matrix because pattern does not matter. You can choose where you want to place your friends under you.

’ We are not obligated to recruit as many people as possible; we just need to introduce the business to 2 people (left and right) and support them for further duplication./

’ People who are below can get richer than people above

’ People who don't do their work don't get to enjoy the rewards because the checks are only paid whenever 3 on the left are balanced by 3 on the right.

You can do this on a part-time basis. All you need to do is just get 2 people to become your business partners. If you believe you have 2 people whom you can trust in this world, I would suggest that you don't put this off. If you believe you may not have 2 people whom you can trust, I would suggest that you don't ever take up this opportunity. We are looking for PIONEERS, THE FIRST BELIEVERS, and GOLDQUESTERS!

You need to respond to this if you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible so that I clear all your possible questions and doubts.


Thank you
May we become partners in Success!

Paul Culas
Quest International
00973 39140382
Sincerely yours in Quest Intl.


Home Based Business Opportunity

Welcome to my blog

I would like to tell and discuss about money opportunity to internet users. i admit myself there are such a lot of chance to earn money. I ll start with free money, i mean no investment required. Since it was free i would like to make a try now. see wat happen.

1st step
the nosense wat i talking about is Google adsense. The requirement is only have ur own site. u can grab it from freeblog at and many. just make a search at google or other search engine ''free blog''. do it now!

2nd step
after u find one, start ur blog. the content must follow google pollicies. if u have no idea. just copy and paste free articles. The content must be attractive. something that people want to know.

3rd step
design ur blog nicely, u must edit ur link at side bar. u need to learn how to edit ur blog template. if u HTML expert. that's not a big deal. honestly me also dun know it. but dun worry there is many guide provide by people on internet. just make a search at google.

4th step
after u complete 3 step above. register at google adsense that ll require u to submit ur blog url. just submit it. and wait for google approval.

5th step
after approve. you already have a chance to earn money. maybe 1st step to make ur millionare. dun know exactly since me also begginer. now just place google ads HTML to ur site. u will paid when people click it to ur google adsense account. when ur account reach $1oo u may request payout.

"this is the 1st five step to begin ur adsense". There many strategy to increase ur revenue. basicly if a lot of people click on ads. u ll earn more.... dun click it ur self. u ll get cought for sure and lost ur chance.